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XtendedCARE - Complete Healthcare Services, is a leading licenced medical nursing practice, that provides specialised domiciliary, and occupational healthcare nursing services in South African.

We provide appropriate, extensive, complex, rehabilitative, palliative, and other nursing services to private, medical aid, and corporate clients, including paediatrics, adolescent's, adults and seniors.

Our flexible point-of-care approach means that we are able to accommodate clients in just about any setting, such as private residences, rented accommodation, hotels, residential and retirement communities, convalescence and wellness centres, remote small holdings, and the work place.

Complete HealthCare Services

Scope of Healthcare Nursing

HomeCARE provides for private nursing in the family home, whilst HomeCARE plus+ provides for private beyond the confines of the family home. It is not always feasible or practical to care for a loved one at the family home. Maybe the family home is not suitable, perhaps it is not convenient to stay with a family member or friend, or maybe the patient is an international traveller in transit, medical tourist visiting a from overseas, or there is some other circumstances preventing on-going care at home.

We provide:

  • • Post Hospital Care
  • • Complex Care
  • • Paediatric Care
  • • Assistive Care
  • • Physical Therapy Care
  • • Long Term Care
  • • Palliative Care
  • • Respite Care
  • • Medical Tourist Care
  • • Convalescence Care

What’s the Next Step

Our firm has been involved in several initiatives as part of its social responsibility, including provision of internships, participating in community social welfare projects, student bursaries, and undertaking work in pro bono matters.









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